Engineered Resin Technologies

ApHinity Engineered Resin Technology

Engineered Resin Technology is one of multiple ApHinity water conservation solutions. In applications where mineral scale is a problem, the limiting factors that prevent operating safely at higher mineral saturation indexes are primarily: calcium hardness, magnesium hardness, alkalinity, pH, chlorides, sulfates, and silica. ERT targets the removal of only the saturation limiting ions in the water as compared to complete demineralization, which is costly and unnecessary for many applications. By partially removing the targeted ions in combination with scale and corrosion inhibitor as well as microbiological control agents, the system can SAFELY operate at the desired maximum saturation indexes while maintaining control of mineral scale, corrosion, and bacteria.

Engineered Resin


ApHinity Engineered Resin Benefits

  • 20-30% water savings can be achieved without unnecessary risk of damage to cooling equipment unlike high cycle softening or pH control programs
  • Targeted Ion Removal technology exchanges only undesirable ions
  • Compatible with all cooling system metallurgies and chemical programs
  • Regeneration effluent process is sodium chloride free and near neutral pH
  • Optional off-site regeneration with a vessel exchange program available
  • Patented regeneration chemical is safe and non-DOT regulated

ApHinity Common Engineered Resin Applications

  • Boiler Water Make Up
  • Cooling Tower Make Up
  • RO Water Pretreatment
  • Process Water Polishing

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